Have you ever had to have a difficult or sensitive conversation with a child and you weren’t sure how to start it? Have you ever wanted to teach children a lesson about behavior or social emotional issues that kept them engaged and related big ideas and concepts to them in a way they understood?

As a professional school counselor for the last five year, these are questions I have to answer every day. Elementary aged children can pose a unique challenge when trying to teach concepts like respect, friendship skills, grief, emotional regulation, and more. I have found that books are a great way to introduce topics and concepts to children. Books provide a jumping off point for lessons and discussions with one child, or a whole classroom.

As a mom of three, I also have used books to start conversations with my own children. Sometimes the conversation happens naturally and they will have questions, or we have a problem and may turn to a book for answers. Talking with your own children about books is a great way to get them thinking critically about what they read.

This site has books and lessons I have used as a school counselor successfully. Some of the books are popular and well known, and others require a think-outside-the-box lesson.

School counselors, teachers, and parents know the importance of reading to children, so it makes sense to use reading to help explain things that can be difficult. I hope you find information and lessons that you can apply in your school or home.

Kelly Albrecht, MS.Ed